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The enviable location of Ravello has allowed to create valuable vineyards that, along with lemon and orange groves, is the flagship of Ravello's gastronomic. The quality of Ravello's wine has, together the products of Furore and Tramonti, has obtained brand D.O.C., to enhance the wine production of the Amalfi Coast.

White, red and rosé are produced by local wineries and marketed worldwide. The same wines, combined with traditional dishes amalfitana, skillfully combining the products of the sea with those of peasant cooking can be tasted in the numerous restaurants in Ravello, overlooking the beautiful scenery of the "Divine Coast". The local product, makes Ravello an ideal destination for tourists. In the coastal town is diffused coral's working. To the coral is dedicated a museum, where many artefacts are on display. Altrettanto importante è la ceramica, utilizzando la stessa tradizione di Vietri sul Mare, you can buy in many shops scattered along the streets of Ravello.

Every year in Ravello there is the Festival di Ravello, dedicated to Richard Wagner and held in the Villa Rufolo that had inspired the creation of his latest masterpiece, the Parsifal. To Ravello has permanent seat the European Center for Cultural Heritage, which each year organizes major conferences.

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